What is tantra massage?

There is a common misconception that tantra massage is a light type of massage normally followed with a happy endin; which is basically sexual release or a massage with intercourse. Well on the contrary, it has no sexual intercourse. So basically what is tantra massage? Tantra massage in simple terms is a massage that prepares a person for personal and spiritual growth, other tantric processes and intercourse with one’s partner too. Tantra massage plays a very deep and profound role, it is spiritual awakening; it involves openness, expansion, pleasure and connection in the heart, mind, body and soul level between the giver and the receiver thus considered a unique type of massage. Tantra massage involves both the yin (relaxing energy) and yang (stimulating energy) unlike normal massages which are all about the yin energy. Basically, it is all about touch in a loving and conscious manner.

Tantric massages do come in various forms; others involve massage of genital parts while others don’t. Tantra massage can also be done professionally, by couples themselves or by just an individual.

Benefits of tantra massage

Improve on breathing
Tantra massage is normally accompanied with breathing techniques often called pranayama. This is so as to achieve effective energy flow throughout the body. Tantra massage and pranayama helps generally in improving breathing techniques when done regularly thus improving on one’s alertness and the ability to exercise freely.

Body and mind relaxation
Tantra massage helps achieve body relaxation just like any other type of massage. It also helps curb emotional pain and relieve physical pain. Many claim to feel less guilty and fearful after a tantra massage; alert and energetic too. This makes one more active daytime and have a good and sound sleep during the night.

Sexual arousal
This type of massage can be used for sexual arousal amongst couples. It strengthens connections and creates intimacy thus it’s quite a booster for lovers and couples. It is worth noting too that it can create sexual arousal even when done by a professional thus it is important to alert the masseuse if you get uncomfortable.

Finding a suitable practitioner
This is basically for those in search of a professional tantra massage.
Check on the practitioner’s qualifications; there are various trainings conducted for practitioners. It’s worth confirming that your practitioner is qualified.

Confirm on the purpose of the energy; the purpose of the sexual energy released should be to help you relax and feel natural in your entire body and not to help you get an orgasm as in the case of an erotic massage.

Confirm if the practitioner has a tantric practice; it maybe tantric yoga or meditations. This increases their ability to give a real tantric transmission. Lack of an own practice may mean the practioner may be less skilled with energy awareness.

Confirm practitioner’s boundaries; is the practitioner intimate? It should be a professional process.

Steps involved in tantra massage

Creation of a comfortable atmosphere
This should be the first step. It should be done in a comfortable atmosphere; candle lighting is advised to minimize distractions. Soft music or light incense should also be present to help create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere suitable for the massage.

Lay face down
The massage receiver should lay face down on the surface prepared. The receiver’s arms should lie away from the body in a slight v-shaped manner. The giver can also lie in the same state to create an intimate connection.

The massage should be personalized based on the receiver and the stimulation they require.

Enhance mutual relation
It is important to focus on the mutual relations between the receiver and the giver. Energy between the two creates relaxation and intimacy. The giver should focus on massaging areas giving strong connections with the partner.

Not a sexual practice
Tantra massage is not a sexual practice; it should be a relaxing and peaceful process.
Tantra massage is quite a beneficial process; it is not only relaxing and peaceful, it is also spirit awakening. You should try it out.