Who Would be Most Benefited from Tantric Massage?

art-illu-nakedmenTantric massage can be enjoyed by all. It is particularly beneficial for:

Stress – Those who have to cope with a lot of stress in their everyday lives, who need to make constant decisions, spend long or irregular hours at work, or have jet lag – You will be amazed at how light your body will feel, and how clear and empty your mind can beā€¦Sometimes a break in the middle of the day is just what you need to relax, clear your thoughts and see situations or challenges in a different light.

Education – In many cultures, sex education is hardly adequate and certainly does not prepare us for the intricacies and challenges of our sensuality . A tantric massage is a wonderful way to learn about one’s own body and sensual feelings and reactions in a safe, nurturing, supportive and non-judgmental environment, where there is no expectation and a total sense of acceptance. The massage will give you insights into sexuality which may otherwise take a lifetime to learn.

Premature Ejaculation – This is something which is often a problem of the mind. But it can become a vicious circle because of performance anxiety and the pressure that goes along with it. In most societies, men are encouraged to be doers and can find it very difficult to do nothing and simply surrender to the moment and to the experience of pleasure. When the pressure to perform is removed, when there are no goals or targets, the mind can become totally still and sink into itself, the body relaxes and problems just disappear. The massage will spread waves of sensual energy and delight throughout your entire body, while alternating stimulation and stillness. You will learn in a very practical way, as if by osmosis, how to relax while building up to higher levels of arousal.

Repressive Upbringing – Those who have been brought up in over strict or over religious environments, with the suppression of feelings which are often the result of that type of upbringing. Many people who have been denied real sensual satisfaction during most of their adult life, have suddenly discovered the experience of total body climax, without any effort on their part, and are left shaking as the waves of energy flow strongly thoughout their body. Each person’s experience is unique, however, and there are no expectations.

Older Men – As they mature and their hormone levels shift, may feel that they are losing their potency and begin to lose faith in their own sexuality. Not only is it possible to have an climax without ejaculating, men can have profound full body orgasms without even being erect.

handsWomen – Many women experience inability to orgasm, unfulfilling sexual relationship with their partner, or simply have a lack of information about their bodies and how to reach their full potential. Often there is difficulty in communicating these issues to their partner. In our experience with many female clients its always easier and more comfortable to explore sensuality with a Tantrika – and to receive a tantric massage from a trained therapist who naturally has first-hand experience of many of these issues.

Couples – We offer sessions for couples who would like to add another dimension to their relationship and learn how to give one another a tantric massage.