Treating Medical Conditions Using Massage Therapy

Massage has become a popular way of managing acute and chronic conditions. It has been shown scientifically, to promote health and wellness in an individual. Massage is one of the popular traditional Chinese medicines. It has been used for over 3,000 years according to the Chinese herbalist. Massage involves manipulation of soft tissue promoting circulation in the tissues. Massage techniques also assist in relieving stress and fatigue. The most common massage techniques include tapping, applying steady pressure, rocking, and stroking.


Deep tissue massage for stiffness

This is a technique that has been practiced for many years to relieve muscle stiffness. A therapist uses a combination of massage techniques to promote circulation to your deep tissue. One technique used is applying the right amount of pressure to your tissue. This technique has been used in the management of postural problems, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, strain injury as well as chronic tissue pain. The practice is simple and easily tolerated by all patients.

Trigger Point Massage for Muscle Pain/Soreness

A trigger point is a small patch of a contracted muscle that can cause muscle aching and sometimes muscle stiffness. These knots in the muscle cause pain when compressed during muscle contraction. Patients normally experience back and neck pains due to the effects of these trigger points. Self-massage or professional massage can manage a trigger point. Massaging these trigger points relieves them from contraction. This can be done by skillfully rubbing the region with the application of pressure. The relaxation of the muscle will relieve you the pain making you feel better.

Neuromuscular Therapy Massage for Chronic Pain

Neuromuscular therapy involves a precise stepwise treatment of painful regions. This form of massage has been proved to be effective scientifically. Neuromuscular massage is done by locating the painful region where a professional uses his experience to recognize the exact location of the pain or the stiffness. After the location of these points, a therapist will trigger the points through massage to relieve you the pain. It manages pain by prevention ischemia that may have resulted in the muscle points. This is relieved by promoting blood flow to the region. Application of pressure to these regions, ensure that your nerves are not trapped in the muscle fibers that can cause pain. The neuromuscular therapy is effective for all chronic pain. It promotes good health and proper functioning of your muscles.

Tantric Massage for Premature Ejaculation

Most men who suffer from premature ejaculation can benefit from this type of massage. The tantric exercises are easy and can be learned by any couple. This assists in controlling ejaculation and thus maximize their pleasure. This technique requires practice to utilize it fully. One simple way of doing this is by letting your partner massage your belly and chest once you are about to ejaculate. This should be done before you get a point of no return. The massage makes the energy to move from sexual zones to other regions relieving you from premature ejaculation.

Hot stone massage

This is a type of massage where a therapist uses heated stones as extensions of their hands. The stones should be smooth and warmly heated. Rocks rich in iron are commonly used because they retain heat. This therapy is very effective in treating aching muscles. The stones are placed on the aching muscles and used to massage the exact locations of the muscle aches. This will ease your muscle stiffness, promote circulations in these regions and relieve you from pain.

What is tantra massage?

What is tantra massage?

There is a common misconception that tantra massage is a light type of massage normally followed with a happy endin; which is basically sexual release or a massage with intercourse. Well on the contrary, it has no sexual intercourse. So basically what is tantra massage? Tantra massage in simple terms is a massage that prepares a person for personal and spiritual growth, other tantric processes and intercourse with one’s partner too. Tantra massage plays a very deep and profound role, it is spiritual awakening; it involves openness, expansion, pleasure and connection in the heart, mind, body and soul level between the giver and the receiver thus considered a unique type of massage. Tantra massage involves both the yin (relaxing energy) and yang (stimulating energy) unlike normal massages which are all about the yin energy. Basically, it is all about touch in a loving and conscious manner. Read more