Tantric Massage for Couples

One of our highlights is the Tantric Massage for lovers or couples. Here both partners enjoy together the massage, which can be a deep and profound experience. It is a wonderful inspiration that enriches your relationship and trust with your partner. More and more couples come to us to explore their joint sensuality in a new and different way. For most of them it is a totally new experience that their partner is sensually massaged all over their body by a professional 3rd person. In the protected space of the massage, both partners can surrender fully to the touch, and they know that the other one is experiencing the same thing at the same time. This is a strong feeling that allows them to bond deeply, and it has given some couples a whole new sense of togetherness.


When you arrange a couple massage with us, you and your partner have the choice to be massaged in separate rooms or in the same room. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. If you get massaged in separate rooms it is easier to keep your attention on yourself. We recommend this especially to couples who have never received a Tantric massage. Later they can share and enrich each other with their experiences.

If you decide to get massaged in the same room, you will also experience your partner’s emotions without touching her/him – and this is very stimulating for many couples. At the end of the massage the two of you will have time together to let the experience wind down the way you want to. Most couples who come to us experience a joint massage as an intense journey that leaves a strong impression.

We make a point of ensuring that nothing happens that you cannot truly enjoy. You determine how far the process goes. No matter what your decision is we would like to remind you that this massage is an exquisitely beautiful and extraordinary experience that you can enjoy.
Since two Tantra masseuses are needed for a massage for couples, we ask that you make your appointment preferably at least 4 hours in advance. You may choose to have one female and one male therapist, or 2 female therapists.
The rates for a couple massage is twice the rates as with a single therapist

Four-hand Tantric Massage

Whereas two hands allow your senses to explore new territory, four hands abduct you deep into the interior of an unknown realm. A four-hand massage makes you feel as if you are in a trance, where physical boundaries dissolve, time disappears, worries and problems no longer seem important, or are forgotten altogether. Your body becomes lighter and begins to float and turn, as if it were shrouded in a cloud of touches. But no matter what images you use to describe a four-handed massage – it is the same for all sensual pleasures, be it a wine or an exotic fruit: you will not understand what is meant until you take a sip or a bite.

The rates for a four-hand massage is twice the rates as with a single therapist.