Tantric Massage For Ladies

man massage woman2aLetting go, surrendering, dissolving, tears, oceanic pleasure Tantric Massage can become a profound experience that touches your innermost core. As you give yourself into the hands of an experienced therapist, you can journey to the source of the joy and power of life, free of expectations, and enjoy a sensual adventure that can open up new worlds of experience. Here, fears, insecurities and past experiences can be relived, looked at and sometimes also dissolved and understood. This creates a space where one can encounter your own deeply felt pleasure and vibrancy.

You may decide how far you want to go with your Tantric Massage. Since there are no expectations, the massage is always attuned to your individual wishes and needs. We make a special effort to ensure that your sensual journey takes place in a pleasant and protected atmosphere.

Tantric Massage for ladies is a transformative experience. You learn to direct your spiritual and sexual energy in ways you have probably never experienced before. Whether you choose to indulge yourself in a Tantric Massage, you will be pampered and cared for with the greatest level of respect and love. Whatever form of tantric massage session you choose, our highly professional and caring tantrikas create a safe space for you to appreciate the joy and bliss of Tantra. Your boundaries will be observed and will never be crossed. Your emotions, wishes and words will always be honored, and kept in complete confidentiality. Your worries and fears will simply melt away as you surrender to a pure and loving experience.

Tantric-for-ladies1Each Tantra massage is a sensual and voluptuous masterpiece in the art of touch, each and every treatment is unique. Your true need for tenderness, loving care and intimacy is met and will allow you to radiate in a deep sense of pleasure. By experiencing a yoni and rosebud massage, either ecstatic-sensual or healing-relaxing, you expand in your capacity of sensing and feeling safe in your sexuality.

Tantric Massage for ladies normally incorporates massage of the divine temple and massage of the rosebud with a full body sensual massage. Finger cots will be used during rosebud massage to eliminate the potential risk of UTI (urinary track infection)

Tantra Massage for Ladies will be performed by our professional, caring and good-looking masseurs either in working attire or naturist, at your discretion. Should you want to be massage by a female Tantrika please specify when making the appointment.